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fileadmin/media/musiktheorie/Dokumente/Informationsmaterial/Information_Musiktheorie_KUG_2011.pdf basic information on the study programme, teaching, research and projects [03/2011]

The music theory programmes at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz (KUG) are conceived as interfaces between theoretical and analytical musical thought, systematic-historical research and aesthetic discourse on musical composition. A main emphasis is placed on the study of 20th and 21st century music which is, however, understood and presented as part of historical as well as interdisciplinary and intercultural networks. The spectrum of our courses covers scholarly oriented seminars (e.g. History of Music Theory; Methods of Music Analysis), surveys on contemporary music repertoire and detailed studies of historical styles as well as instructions for independent compositional creation (Fundamentals of Compositional Technique; Composition Lessons).

We conceive our study programmes as a unique chance of a multi-faceted and comprehensive musical education at the frontiers of music theory and practice. We offer a bachelor study programme in music theory (6 semesters), a master study programme in music theory (4 semesters) and two doctorate study programmes (Dr. artium and Dr. phil., 6 semesters). Graduates can choose from a number of attractive professional perspectives including research/teaching, journalism, media professions or music management. The closely interrelated KUG-study programmes musicology and composition offer the opportunity to specialize in either scholarly or artistic facets of music research and creation (or both).

A special attraction of our study programmes can be seen in the muliple forms of collaboration, both within the university and with invited guest artists and professors. From summer semester 2005 on, guest seminars and guest lectures have taken place on a regular basis and are integrated into the courses of our study programmes which gives space to ample discussion and enables a dialogue with internationally renowned experts. In october 2008 the 8th congress of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (GMTH) with the theme "Music theory and Interdisciplinarity" took place in Graz, hosted by KUG, and attracted some 180 participants. Students are motivated to focus on specific topics as part of artistic and scholarly projects and publications that are linked, as far as possible, with the international scientific community.

The book series musik.theorien der gegenwart (contemporary music theories, covering six volumes) was published between 2007 and 2013. The multiplicity of topics and the diversity of authors covered by the six volumes of this series represent the open and multi-disciplinary approach to theory advanced by our teaching, research and artistic creation.

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university of music and dramatic arts graz / austria - music theory / music analysis